Life Changing

When I signed up for coaching I assumed I would just be getting advice for academic studying but what I received from Marg was so much more.

She helped me with emotions I didn’t realise were getting in the way of  living my life effectively. She helped me with my anxieties and together, thoroughly scrutinised the root of my problems. She is empathetic and always made me feel like I was in control of my own thoughts and actions, giving me the strength and courage to face my fears. She went above and beyond to help me understand my thought patterns and provided me with effective psychological knowledge to help me understand the reasons for change.

Every visit made me more aware of my strengths and myself and I always felt more positive after every session. The knowledge she gave me will stay with me for life and continues to help me better myself and emotions regardless of any situation I come across.

I highly recommend Marg to anyone as she is empathetic, kind and really listens to what anyone has to say. I’ve always felt that with her I was in the company of a good friend who wasn’t afraid to to tackle any problems I had.

Thank you again Marg for all that you have done. You really made a massive impact on myself and I will always be grateful for your advice and kind ear.  

I am a lot more positive

I have definitely become more confident since the workshop and worrying less what others think. At placement, it’s much easier to just talk to the patients even though I still can be shy, I have come out of my shell more.

I understand that my thoughts can really hold back opportunities that I could experience, and I am trying to change that. I am discovering more positive things about myself where in the workshop, I didn’t have much to say positive about myself. I have found out I am pretty awesome at administering medications at the hospital.  Thanks again for the workshop.  

Such a change in attitude!

My 18 year old son Jason attended the ‘Truth and Dare’ workshop recently and I was very impressed by his change in attitude, the goal setting and planning he was doing as a direct outcome of the workshop.  Jason embraced the positive self talk, he was excited about the exercise they participated in and he displayed a lot more self confidence.

His self esteem has dramatically improved. Jason is a great kid but he lacked motivation and like many teenagers he was easily distracted and wasn’t sure which direction to take to move forward. Marg understands the needs of teenagers and how to communicate in a way that they feel comfortable and they let her in.

I would highly recommend Truth + Dare to any parent seeking to support, to motivate and help their teenager with self esteem and self confidence. Thanks Marg.  


After doing this workshop and learning how to affirm myself, I have not only improved my self-image and self-esteem, but I suddenly feel focused and motivated to reach my goals.

I have learnt to replace my negative thoughts with positive ones and believe that I can reach my goals which gives me momentum to go towards them. For the first time I’m realising I am capable of being successful.  

My life is on track

Had the good fortune to take the leap and arrange to spend some quality time with Marg. My ask was for some help with goal setting as I explored options as a result of my employers re-structure aka possibly no job!

Marg listened to my list, paraphrased it back and then proceeded with some well placed questions to throw all of my stated goals into doubt.

When explaining to a friend how the coaching sessions with Marg were going I said “its like I’m a room and I had all these things that I thought I believed and things that are important and then by asking me questions she brought my attention to a trap door and under that trap door were all these underlying thoughts and belief”: The coaching sessions really challenged my thinking and to get into the detail.

Best of all was that I learnt some tools that I can take forward and keep growing and helping myself. The new goals that I set – what I’d uncovered as being truly what I ‘wanted’ – feel right and I feel like I’m well on the way to living my life true to what’s important to me.

I tell anyone who’ll listen how valuable I found investing with Marg to get some external help.