Coaching is a collaborative, action oriented conversation that facilitates the enhancement of life experience, goal attainment, self directed learning and performance in one’s personal life.


Truth + Dare offers you a positive relationship with a caring and skilled practitioner providing a structure  to explore your goals and increase motivation and effort to achieve. Individuals  will benefit from having coaching to help them develop a healthy self-belief and good self-esteem. I am passionate about working with individuals  to develop resilience and self efficacy. If you are stuck, coaching may be just what you are looking for.


Workplaces are inherently built around teams and teamwork, so working autonomously and in teams are important skills for all staff. Coaching can enhance communication throughout your workplace and give colleagues the language to forge open and positive dialogue. It will develop an understanding and appreciation of ones own, and others, preferred way of thinking. It will enable improved performance in a range of  contexts, including learning, communication, leadership and problem solving.  Coaching will help you understand yourself and others, in a positive, enriching and life changing way. It will unblock unhelpful thought patterns and guide you to find an alternative to feeling frustrated. Workshops are Ideal for enhancing teams and individuals.